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miércoles, 15 de mayo de 2013

New post on about PFC

Paramore posted on their website that they have decided they are no longer going to have a paid fan club, that means Paramore Fan Club (PFC) is gone, now you can become a member just by registering on, read the full post below:

Earlier this year we let you know that we were making some changes to our website and announced that we wanted to offer a different experience to our fans. Hopefully you all are loving the new layout of the website and how mobile friendly it is.

Today we would like to let you know that we are no longer going to have a paid fan club like we did with the Paramore Fan Club. We feel like it limited many of you who still wanted access to the content, community, meet n greets and pre-sale tickets but who were not members of PFC.

We want to open up these opportunities to more fans so starting today, all you need to do is make sure you’re a member of!

As an official member of, you will get the chance to participate in special presales, early entry to venues, meet n greets, limited merch items and new content. So make sure you sign up no matter what part of the world you live in.

We really want to give as many of you as possible a chance to enjoy these perks and we want to say a special thank you to all the PFC members who joined throughout the years.

We just announced more dates in September and we are going to give all members the first chance to buy tickets early starting tomorrow.

We will also offer some new ticketing options to help get tickets in your hands and not the ticket brokers. We saw way too many of you complaining about this when our last dates went on sale and we are doing our best to minimize that. So in response to that, you will see us implement paperless ticketing, special pricing and limited bundles for certain seats as we try to keep ticket prices lower but secure for you to purchase. More about this in the coming days when we roll out our official Paramore ticketing policy.

So please make sure you’re on the email list and watch out for more info on our special presales we are doing for all our tours moving forward. This will give many more the option to get tickets before they sell out.

Thank you,
Hayley, Jeremy & Taylor / Paramore

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