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martes, 9 de abril de 2013

Paramore release the "Still Into You" music video

So it's April 9th! Paramore just released the music video for "Still Into You", it premiered on, we can see Hayley Williams, Jeremy Davis and Taylor York having a lot ot fun together because they are best friends. According to the guys, in the video, they are imitating how it feels to be in love for real. In an interview for MTV News, Taylor York said "A lot of people would hear the song and assume it would be about the story of people still being in love, but what was so appealing about Isaac's treatment is that he wanted to capture what love feels like." Jeremy Davis said "Actually, I've realized you can't really consider it making a music video unless you get hurt, because every video, we end up in pain, like we just had the most incredible workout ever. It's awesome to do our own stunts; we might as well be Jackie Chan". Check out the video for "Still Into You" below, it was uploaded on FBR's youtube channel, enjoy it: 

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