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viernes, 8 de febrero de 2013

Happy 28th Birthday Jeremy Davis!

28 years ago, a man was born, He's called Jeremy Davis and now he's one of the tree member of Paramore and to me, he's been one of my biggest inspirations since 2007! Jeremy has an unparalleled talent and an unforgettable smile, he made ​​history in the lives of many people, mostly in Paramore fans' lifes. With an infectious energy, he, alongside Paramore and its low inseparable, moved and thrilled audiences worldwide people. We know he'll enjoy this beautiful day with her family and friends but maybe all day he will be spending it with Kat Davis (his pretty wife). We're so proud of him, we're in his life because we've loved him since forever. Congratulations, Jeremy Davis, on his 28th birthday!
Make tag HappyBdayJeremyDavis, #HappyBdayJeremy, #HappyBdayJeremyDavis to spread your love for him.

You can send him tweets to him: @schzimmydeanie
Wish him a very happy birthday! You can use these pictures to express your love for his birthday, but these picture are not mine, they've been taken from twitter. 

From us (@ParamoreStreet , @TheParamoreCity and @HayleyFact)
Happy Bday Jeremy! :) 

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